Our check cashing software offers industry leading capabilities, flexibility, and security. Combined with an easy to use interface, this software streamlines, processes, minimize transaction times, effectively capture data, reduce fraud, and improve operational procedures.

Features and Benefits

  • Swiftly capture an image of a check for Archiving and Check 21 Upload as it is Cashed
  • Track History on All Your Customers and Check Makers
  • Displays Customer Card with Signature, Any Number of Picture IDs
  • Industry leading Integrated Risk Management Tools
  • Optional fully-integrated Check Verification service
  • Check-to-Cash and Check-to-Card Options Available
  • Comprehensive Reporting Capabilities
  • Significantly Reduces Mistakes, Fraud, and Theft

Industry Leading Security Features

Software comes equipped with industry leading security features and fraud defense. Stop fraudulent checks and improve your bottom line.

Real Time Check Verification

Verify if an account is real, open, if there has been fraud on the account, or if the check in hand has been stopped, simply by swiping the check through our check reader! Check cashing made easy, fast, and secure.

*Real time check verification is available for US banks only.

Comprehensive Reporting Capabilities

Our software offers comprehensive reporting capabilities available at the touch of a button. From detailed reports of all cashed checks, commissions, and fees to end of day reports, all business information is readily available to effectively manage your business.

Additionally, all data is shared with the main office DDX server software according to client's configuration.

Check 21 Integration - Reduce Bank Fees and Charges

With DCS and its state-of-the-art technology partners, collected funds are available the next day by 12:30am CT for ALL CHECKS. Many Check 21 products do not have this functionality, since they are reliant on maker’s banks being Check 21 enabled. Our system works differently, enabling good funds availability next day for all checks.

No need for extra scanners, extra training, extra cost or double entry! Ask about the DCS Check 21 solution today! integration

Directory assistance, reverse social, and OFAC checks at the push of a button! Utilize for centralized check approval and to share/access check images throughout an entire chain - all directly from the DCS solution!

Make More

Generate additional income or add new revenue to your business.

Keep More

Streamline processes, eliminating system errors, theft, and loss.

Track It All

Centralize processes and connect branch locations to your main office.

DCS flexible apps allow you to build a point-of-sale system that fits today's needs and easily grows to meet tomorrow's challenges.