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Prepaid Phone

Prepaid Phone

pre-paid phone, pins, + top-ups

Sell phone top-ups, pre-paid phone cards, PINs, and refills directly from the DCS point-of-sale system and generate additional foot traffic to your locations.

Our domestic and international pre-paid phone and wireless solutions provide an additional sales channel for your locations. As the marketplace shifts from contract based plans to no-contract, offer your customers the convenience and flexibility of pre-paid phone options right at the point-of-sale, enhancing customer loyalty.

Pre-Paid Phone Features and Benefits

  • Domestic and International Options
  • No Contracts
  • Wireless PIN (Add Funds Directly to Your Account)
  • Top-Ups (Instantly Add Minutes to Your Pay-As-You-Go Plan)
  • Additional Revenue Streams
  • Increased Foot Traffic
  • All Major Carriers Supported
  • Pay By Minute, Month, and More!

Make More

Generate additional income or add new revenue to your business.

Keep More

Streamline processes, eliminating system errors, theft, and loss.

Track It All

Centralize processes and connect branch locations to your main office.

DCS flexible apps allow you to build a point-of-sale system that fits today's needs and easily grows to meet tomorrow's challenges.