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debit-to-cash and pay-by-debit support

Pay-By-Debit Support

Fully integrated within the DCS point-of-sale system, the Cashing Plastic™ module offers both debit-to-cash and pay-by-debit functionality.

Cashing Plastic™ - Unload Cash Directly off your PIN Debit Card

Cashing Plastic™ allows you to convert your customer’s government issued debit cards, tax returns issued on debit, and any other PIN based debit card directly to cash. ATM restrictions do not apply.


Allow your customers to pay for products and services with their debit card. Process debit card transactions directly within your DCS point-of-sale system and capitalize on your customer's increased debit card use with the best, fully integrated solution to process debit card transactions.

Cashing Plastic™ Features and Benefits:

  • Fully Integrated within the DCS Point-of-Sale System
  • Convert PIN Based Debit Cards Directly to Cash
  • Allow Customers to Pay for Products and Services Using a Debit Card
  • Industry Compliant
  • Multiple Fees Tables Based on Transaction Types
  • ATM Transaction Restrictions Do Not Apply on Cashing Plastic™ Transactions

Cashing Plastic™ allows for you to convert any amount directly to cash. Keep up with the changing check cashing environment with Cashing Plastic™.

Make MoreGenerate additional income or add new revenue to your business.

Keep MoreStreamline processes, eliminating system errors, theft, and loss.

Track It AllCentralize processes and connect branch locations to your main office.

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