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Your customers want a primary location to conduct their financial service transactions in a professional manner.

Establishing a strong loyalty program is at the core of creating a delightful experience, while establishing a long term relationship with customers.

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Earn Your Customers' Loyalty with Customer Loyalty Software (LOY)

Become the prefered destination for all of your customers' financial service needs!

Our LOY Customer Loyalty Software allows your business to firmly establish relationships with your customers resulting in your location(s) being the preferred destination for all of their financial service needs.

Customers are rewarded by simply transacting at your locations and are motivated to reach and redeem rewards based on their activity.

DCS Customer Loyalty Software Offers:

  • A fully POS-integrated interface
  • Ability to issue your customers loyalty cards with your company logo
  • Motivate and retain your existing customers
  • Gain new business by incentivizing customers to conduct different transactions
  • Motivate customers to visit your locations to continue earning points towards rewards
  • Manage store promotions via your loyalty site
  • Give your customers access to a new customer-facing site to view their loyalty status
  • Present a professional image of your business
  • Gain new business and earn additional profits

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