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money order control system

MOCS, Digital Currency Systems' Money Order Control System, allows for main-office control, tracking, and reconciliation of all money order transactions generated at a single location or at multiple locations.

Tightly integrated with the DCS Money Order Printing System, MOPS, all printed money orders are automatically uploaded to your main office for money order reconciliation. Instantly pull up whether or not a money order has cleared FROM the point of sale!

MOCS Offers Users the Following Benefits:

  • Complete Money Order Reconciliation System
  • Match Records from Bank Against Sales from Stores
  • Quickly Determine Inquiries on Status
  • Find Reports on Outstanding Items
  • Determine Float Status
  • Calculate and Track Service Charges on Stale Items
  • Automate ACH Settlement for Money Order Sales

Make MoreGenerate additional income or add new revenue to your business.

Keep MoreStreamline processes, eliminating system errors, theft, and loss.

Track It AllCentralize processes and connect branch locations to your main office.

Digital Currency Systems' flexible apps allow you to build a point-of-sale check cashing system that fits today's needs and easily grows to meet tomorrow's challenges.

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