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reporting + messaging system

Access From Any Internet Connected Device

The DCS Reporting + Messaging software can be accessed from any internet connected device: desktop, tablet, or smartphone. Simply login to the DCS User Dashboard and effectively communicate with your stores.


reporting + messaging system

In this fast paced business environment, effective and timely access to information has never been more crucial. The DCS Reporting + Messaging System, RMS, was created with this in mind.

With the Reporting + Messaging system, management is provided with a channel for effective communication with store managers and employees. Automatically generate and send end-of-day reports directly to store managers at time of closeout, communicate with store managers and employees via an easy to use interface, and best of all, track it all.

Reporting + Messaging Systems Features / Benefits:

  • Eliminate the Need to Fax or Email Reports at the End of the Day. These Reports are Automatically Sent Securely Via Email at the Time of Store Closeout.
  • Lower Accounting and Management Costs
  • View Store Reports Directly on the DCS Website via the User Dashboard
  • View Daily Sheets and Reports on Your Phone or Internet Connected Device!
  • Send Messages Directly Through our Secured User Dashboard Directly to Your Store’s Point-of-Sale Software. Tellers are Required to Enter Their Initials to Move Past a Received Message, the Act of Which is Permanently Logged and Available for Reporting Purposes.
  • Ability to Designate Any Number of Managers to be Assigned to Specific Stores!
  • RMS Management is Fully Controlled via the DCS User Dashboard - No Additional Software Necessary!

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Generate additional income or add new revenue to your business.

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Streamline processes, eliminating system errors, theft, and loss.

Track It All

Centralize processes and connect branch locations to your main office.

DCS flexible apps allow you to build a point-of-sale system that fits today's needs and easily grows to meet tomorrow's challenges.