• "Since we began using the DCS system in our check cashing stores, our productivity level has increased substantially and our shortages have been nearly eliminated."

Steve Schoenberg

R&L Management, Chicago

  • "Our last compliance audit was the most simplified we have experienced. The auditor exclaimed she had never seen such excellent reporting and record keeping. All thanks to the DCS system."

Michael Graub

Woodward Check Cashers, Detroit MI

  • "After a recent compliance audit, our IRS compliance agent exclaimed he had never seen an operation our size with such sophisticated technology. Thanks to DCS, staying compliant is more simplified than ever."

Charles Bonham

Friendly Check Cashing, Panama City FL

  • "During a robbery inside of business hours, the perpetrators took all of our cashed checks out of the teller drawers. Since we were using the DCS Automated Teller (Point of Sale) system, all of the check images are scanned at the time of transaction. All we did was reprint the images from the system to recreate the deposit and collect our funds from the bank. Our losses would have been substantially greater had it not been for DCS. The system paid for itself that day alone."


Chicago IL

  • "With over 15 windows, our store sees a significant amount of business. We required an extremely reliable, networkable system which provides for speedy transactions, while including the controls and reporting capabilities we need. The DCS system has proven invaluable."

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Phoenix AZ