DCS Merchant

Low upfront and monthly cost

DCS Merchant

DCS Merchant

We understand that check cashing isn't for everyone. So we came up with a package that will still drive foot traffic and increase revenue without the responisibilities of check cashing. This year we introduced our new Merchant package. With a low up front cost there is no excuse not to offer your customers all of these amazing additional services!

DCS Merchant Software and Integrations

  • Bill Payment: Access to thousands of billers with varying posting times to ensure your customer can make their payment safely, securely, and on time.
  • Prepaid Mobile*: Domestic & International Top-Up and Pins
  • Sell Gift Cards: Vanilla Visa
  • Buy Back Unused Gift Cards: Buy back customers unwanted gift cards
  • Prepaid Debit: Sell and reload Netspend cards. Earn commissions for every card sold and every time the customer uses the card. Also earn when a customer reloads their card at your location.
  • Cashing Plastic: Allow customers to unload their debit card and tax refund cards without the restriction of an ATM.
  • MoneyGram/Western Union: Your customers can send money domestically and internationally using our integrated MoneyGram/Western Union service.
  • Bitcoin: New technology allows you to sell Bitcoin to your customer to be loaded to their digital wallet.

Hardware Included with DCS Merchant

  • MAG Stripe Reader
  • Receipt Printer
  • Computer/Monitor
  • Debit Pin Pad


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