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data exchange + remote management


data exchange + remote management

The DDX Server is the digital backend communication server for all database information, allowing information to be accessed and shared freely and efficiently amongst locations. With DDX Server, all information is available at all locations.

Ideal for multi-location operations, the DDX Server can be accessed from the main office terminal, providing easy access to and remote management of customer, check maker, and store data across the entire organization.

The DDX Server offers the following benefits:

  • Allows for the Sharing of All Customer and Check Maker Data
  • User Configurable
  • Allows for Real-Time Management of Stores from a Central Location
  • Access and Remotely Manage All Customers and Check Makers from a Central Office
  • Instantly Share Customer and Check Maker Data Amongst Locations

Data Sharing Between Locations

All data is shared with the main office DDX server according to client configurations, allowing for the management of multiple locations from a centralized office.

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